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There are also those who think that you have to "get" Anderson, or you are some ignorant rube. Ever since she first enthralled me in her debut performance in Luc Besson's classic The Professional, I have been entranced by this siren of modern cinema. The colours and the shots all make the film look great and Anderson makes great use of the limited space within the hotel and for fans it will be a matter of lapping this up. My favorite moment was maybe when the man unwrapped the Hotel Chevalier chocolate before unwrapping the woman. While as a high-brow trailer it does have the style and content to excite fans but then also feels a bit "big" just to be used to sell a product.

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We watch as he half enjoys, half endures a surprise visit by his control-freak girlfriend Natalie Portman.

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He gets a call from a woman Natalie Portman who insists on joining him. But for me I have the same reservations as I have had with one or two of his features in the way that the style and manner may interest me but there is nothing of substance to really engage with or feel for. We sense Jack's loss in the void of the feature length film because he is entranced by a pretty Indian waitress and tries to connect with her based on the initial physical attraction. It's simplistic, humorous, and yet bitter-sweet and thoroughly enjoyable. I don't understand how anyone can praise this short film since it offers pretentious "mysteries" yet explains nothing to satisfy our reluctant suspense. Remember Tom Tykwer's "True"? I haven't been so confused since watching Mulholland Dr.

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natalie portman nude in hotel chevalier
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natalie portman nude in hotel chevalier
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