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Personal finance is very personal and very financial. Money is just a small part of personal finance. A majority of personal finance is about your personal habits. Personal habits on anything (not just money). It permeates into habits on orderliness, discipline, personality, social style, etc.

Also, personal finance is not about how much money you acquire. It is about handling the money that you have already acquired. Most people believe that if they had a “lot” of money then all their financial woes have been solved. Instead of thinking of acquiring more (especially through the lottery), it is best you handle what you are acquiring. You must adapt the habits of those who can handle money properly and successfully.

There is one habit, one very particular habit, that reflects and illustrates your personal finance. This one habit depicts on whether you are succeeding in this money game or not. This is not my opinion but the opinion of many financial experts and financially successful people. Although I do heed to the advice of many financial experts, I definitely adhere to the advice of those individuals who are financially successful. The great thing about this particular advice is that you can acquire this particular habit and start succeeding in your personal finances. It is a great place to start.

What is this particular habit?

Place your bills in an organized way in your wallet or purse.

If I were to look at your wallet or purse now, how would your money be laid out? Will your money be all crumpled up in your purse? Will your money be folded around your wallet? Will there be coins all over your wallet or purse that are all over your wallet or purse?

You can change to start succeeding in your finances.

* Place your bills in an orderly way. Have them all with the portrait right side up.
* Now, organize your bills in such a way that you group the dollar bills as a group, the five dollar bills as group, etc.
* Make sure there are no folded corners in the bills.
* When you have your bills organized, you can now be very particular in spending them. In other words, you will be frugal in spending them.

Of course, you should refrain from using credit cards. Thus, the only way you can spend is by spending these neatly organized bills.

Now, some people may say that they do not have any bills to place in an organized way in their purse or wallet. Well, it is about organizing those bills that you do acquire so that you will start attracting more money into your life.

When you handle properly the money that you have now, you will attract more money from other sources.

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