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Here are some things we can do to to stay current with the best deals and best prices.

1. Buy good products without the brand name.

You will know it’s a good product once you have tried it out. You can save up to 8 times the price for the same product.

2. Steer Away From Nutrition Supplements

The medical profession has proven that nutritional supplements are often an inferior source for our nutritional needs. Therefore stick with nutrition from it’s natural source. Food.

3. Buying New Cars

Again, buy a car for your needs and desires not for the neighbours. Buy a used car as cars devalue so quickly.

4. The Best Things In Life Are Free

It has been repeated enough times but it is still true. Give up the money sucking habits that people tend to do when they are in a mindless state. Smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling. They take without giving anything of value back.

5. Look After Yourself

Avoid medical bills by looking after yourself the very best you can.

6. Negotiate. Then Negotiate Again
Big ticket items always have a generous mark up. The sellers are often making as much as 100% profit. So be brave and go in and negotiate. When you do you’ll see the sellers eyes giving away the calculations he is doing in his head as you demand a lower price. He will know that he will still make a profit and it really is about how much you can squeeze out of them.

7. Keep Your Receipts

Keep your grocery receipts so that you can keep an inventory of how much items are costing and how they are varying over time. You may find that it is better overall to take your money elsewhere if there are too many pricing shenanigans from your regular supermarket.

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