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When shopping for online work at home, which homebased businesses are real? It sounds like a straightforward question with a straightforward answer: just use common sense. But hold on a second.
Not so fast. Do you think you could separate the scams from the legitimates? Have you seen all the various homebased business offerings on the web?

O.K. Sure. If someone is offering you the Brooklyn Bridge for $1.99–I’t’s a scam. That’s an easy call.
But beyond that, how can you tell? These job opportunities are often counter-intuitive, What seems to
be “too good to be true” often is real, and the legitimate-seeming businesses are a scam. But most
people don’t have the time or money to check them out.

I’ve spent the past five years researching and actually implementing many of these money making schemes on the internet, the ones most people tend to dismiss out-of-hand.
And that’s the problem. Most people dismiss them first, without giving a serious second thought to them. They think they know, but they don’t. It’s not as straightforward as people first assume.

Here I’ve compiled four basic rules to keep in mind when shopping for a homebased business opportunity. This list is by no means comprehensive, but is a good thumbnail starter for those interested in home based businesses.

1. Look for Money-Back Guarantees. Reputable companies will always offer money-back guarantees–most within 60 days–some with no time limits at all. Some companies (I’m thinking
PaidSurveysOnline & Survey Scout) offer money-back guarantees, but must be contacted.

2. Avoid Excessive Join-Up Fees. It’s O.K. to pay for the initial program fee, but avoid
companies that continue to ask for “dues,””bonuses” or “club memberships” after you’ve purchased their program.

3. Do Your Homework. Find out how well the product is selling, and what percentage of people ask for their money back. Go to Clickbank.com for the stats on thousands of products sold online.

4. Expect Some Extravagance and Exaggeration in the Ad Copy. People aren’t stupid. Ad
copy writers know this. They know most intelligent adults can make adjustments for hyperbole in an ad.

Keep these four rules in mind, and use common sense. If you keep an open mind, approach these offers seriously, and implement their strategies, many of them can make money for you.

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