Sexual position for pelvic issue

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I was looking for a bit more info on the anal intercourse and whether there might be a problem. Hi Michelle I am so pleased to have found your website and related videos they have been such a valuable source of information, thankyou so much. Has anyone else ever had this? It is very, very open like a big triangle and the insides seem to push out. I am a healthy 57 year young female. Ideal position will really depend upon what the pelvic floor issue is.

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Lying underneath the partner does not allow the woman very much control of the depth of penetration.

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8 Comfortable Positions for the Most Satisfying Sex of Your Life

At my six week postpartum check up, I was told I have vaginal wall prolapse which I had already self diagnosed because of the huge bulge. There is not nearly enough written about the psychological impact of prolapse and for that matter emotional support for women with prolapse problems. With that said, even just carrying a pregnancy can weaken these muscles so it is not all about the birth as such," Warr said. We would be happy to evaluate you in one of our locations or you can use our website to find a pelvic floor physical therapist in your area that can help. There is no current research available on this issue to my knowledge. Everyone is different, and sex is not a priority for everyone.

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sexual position for pelvic issue
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sexual position for pelvic issue
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