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It's too late to patrol and too early to go to school. Stephanie's 'Batty-senses' have clearly been dulled by sleeplessness and carb coma. However, that's not the usual bullshit that's keeping her up. Stephanie drums her fingers on the table in anticipation. Definitely awkward, but after the second time he found his rhythm. For eighteen-year-old Sarah, an ordinary Amish girl living a life of faith, honesty, and chastity, life has always been dictated by very strict rules—except for one thing. Get breaking stories straight from Hollywood, covering film, television, music and more.

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But ultimately the filmmakers decided to fold rumspringa into a more teen-friendly plot.

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'Sex Drive' gets raunchy in Amish country

Kevlar and leather with a hint of something new. Before landing the role, he pondered Amish existence in a comic book he co-wrote called "Freshmen" that includes a young Amish character on rumspringa. Stephanie raises her jaw defiantly, he seems as if he'll approach her, but his phone rings. Steph breaks into her own toothy grin as she reaches across the table for a hug. Of course, the granddaddy of the genre is "Witness," the crime potboiler starring Harrison Ford as a Philadelphia detective who goes undercover, posing as an Amish man in Lancaster County, Pa.

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