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How much money do I need is the right question to ask. It points to the real area of concern which is income. As an analyst I have been watching the constant rise of prices over the years. For example years ago believe it or not, a new car cost around $2,500 and a new house around $20,000.

The challenge for everyone is figuring out how to afford things. In order to afford the things you want you need the income.

Conventional Thinking About Income

I’ve studied this problem in terms of financial frustration. Financial frustration results when you are trying to make ends meet and you can’t get ahead.

People try to solve this by doing things like:

  • Get a second job
  • Get a higher-paying job
  • Seek professional financial advice

The evidence trail and even individual experiences show these things really don’t work. They do not address the root problem.

How Much Money Do I Need To Make

A better question to ask is how much money do I need to make?

While getting another job or a higher-paying job is a step in the right direction in terms of increasing income, what people fail to understand is that there are a number of obstacles that hinder people from getting ahead.

You must understand how all of these things are related:

  • How much money do I need to buy that item relates to
  • Can I afford to buy the item relates to
  • Do I make enough money to afford the item?

A Different Approach To Personal Finance

What I’ve come to realize is that because people have very conventional thinking about income, they limit their options.

On a broader scale this is reflected in the way people approach personal finance.

Now it’s really not your fault. You are doing the best you can with what you know. The dominate thinking doesn’t allow room for thinking “outside the box” or to stop and consider what is really going on.

When people rely on the government, the financial sector and the educational system to provide the information they need to know they will never arrive at solutions that work.

Conventional thinking in terms of money and employment will not do. If you really want to get ahead you must totally rethink your strategy. This is where I teach people a different way to look at personal finance from the popular expression “The rich get richer.”

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Why we need car insurance? How car insurance helps us? Why is it important to have car protection? Car insurance is of how many types? Which one is best for me? Have you ever thought of such questions? Yes is going to be the common answer. Now, the answers say that we need car safety because we want to cover the risk of damage to our car or the loss of value of the car after meeting with some accident. The car insurance helps us to regain the value of our car which was lost by some accident or some mishap. It is very important to have car safety and is also made compulsory by the government that no one can drive without car insurance. Like the papers of the car, it is very important to keep the papers of insurance. The absence of which can lead to fine and penalty.

Term car insurance is a necessity for your car. There are two types of vehicle insurance. One is the short term car safety and the other is a long term car safety, which is also named as temporary and permanent car protection respectively. Both type of insurance are very important for an individual. Now, if we talk about a long term car insurance or a permanent insurance, it provides you safety, it help you cover all the risk and the damages that happen after any accident or mishap. Long term permanent car safety is the one which you do for a year or few years and take rest till that time. As you know that let whatever happens to your car, the insurance company is there to help you in need. Moreover, you put your risk on the insurance company.

If we talk about the short term car protection or the temporary safety, we’ll calculate that these vehicle insurance always helps to fill in the gap between no insurance and permanent insurance. The short term vehicle insurance is the one which starts with one day insurance and last till 11 months insurance. This type of insurance is used very much in the situation, when one buys a brand new car and has no insurance and go for the short term insurance so as to cover the short term risk or where one forgets to renew its insurance on time or one doesn’t get time to go for physical verification of car so as to get the permanent insurance. The long term insurance is full of formalities and that is why also people opt for short term car insurance. Term car insurance is very important for a car and is also advised so as to cover all the risks.

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How much do you pay for your car insurance? Is it cheap? Not cheap in quality; is it light on your wallet? Will you be getting all the benefits you are entitled to? There are two types of car insurance and it is very important to make the right choice. This article will help you decide if you must go in for the insurance you have chosen.

The first type of insurance will cover third party damages of up to Rs 6,000 done to your car. An additional premium will have to paid if you want fire and theft damages to be covered. The second type of car insurance in India is the comprehensive insurance policy which gives maximum coverage. Damages due to fire, landslides, earthquakes, robbery, riots, strikes, accidents or any other man-made or natural calamity get covered under this insurance. It however does not cover the losses incurred due to drinking while driving, damages occurring from driving without a valid license, wear and tear of car parts due to regular use, electrical and mechanical failures and damage caused due to nuclear risk or war.

The following checklist will help Indian car owners make a better choice:

1. Most cars come with theft devices. Having these in your car increase the chances of getting a discount on car insurance.

2. Check if the insurance provider offers discounts if two vehicles are insured. It sometimes so happens that insurance amount for two cars will be the same as one. In case you are about to sell off your old car, hold on for some time. Sell it after getting it insured as an insured car will have more value. At the same time you would be getting the insurance for two cars at the cost of one or at a very low rate.

3. Stick to long-term policies. Even when the insurance amount increases after a certain time, your car will remain unaffected. For example, choose a yearly policy instead of a six-month policy.

4. If your car will not be in use for any period of time, save on car insurance by keeping only comprehensive coverage during that time. Your car will not meet with accidents in the garage and does not need too much coverage.

5. Do not mention more kilometres than what you travel by your car when asked by the insurance agent. Watch your mileage closely and specify the exact distance traveled. You are likely to get a significant discount by not giving a greater mileage figure.

6. Call the agent and ask for a list of affiliations. You are likely to get a discounted rate when you are identified as the member of an organization or the employee of your company.

7. If your car is very new, you needn’t worry too much about the coverage as comprehensive and collision coverage will be available as default. However, if your car is old, make sure the car has additional coverage.

8. Make sure to browse online to get a fair idea about car insurance rates and the coverage provided. You may lose a lot as a result of ignorance. It is possible to get quotes online. Get them from multiple insurance providers and compare to pick out the best.

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Regardless of denominational differences or where a church is located, across the board they have one thing in common…they are almost always concerned about finances. Money is a necessary part of running a successful church.

Whenever a recession hits the nation and jobs become more difficult to find and less production means less income, eventually a church congregation is going to feel the pinch. And, like many things in life it actually provides us with an opportunity to see and do some worthwhile, even wonderful things. In these times, what can a church do to encourage giving so that the monetary needs of the church are met? Well, there are several….

* Have a fun event! Some churches will have a special dinner before embarking on a building campaign as a way to energize the church and open wallets. Instead of a private restaurant or having something catered, meet on your own grounds with a covered dish dinner, some fun games and singing and rally the people to rise to the occasion and give graciously during this tough time.

* Learn from the best! There are several good, Christian financial seminars, books and conferences to be taken advantage of. They will give you the tools and the know-how of setting up a working budget, giving to God the tithe of our income, wise spending and good saving habits. If a congregation is well trained on how to handle their income in their homes then the church shall lack no good thing. Think of it! Ministries are well supplied, food pantry and clothing racks filled to the brim, benevolence funds available and all because God’s people learned the simple ways of handling God’s money!

* Make sure you are using your existing resources effectively, or find out how you can streamline existing processes. For example, using our site specifically as an example, you could use this software to create a photo membership directory automatically, instead of doing it by hand (in a program such as Microsoft Word, etc). While of course you could do that in Microsoft Word, to edit it, keep it current, move pictures around, move text around, try and alphabetize it, etc would literally take 100’s of hours over the course of several months. So sit down and evaluate which of your existing processes can be streamlined.

* Understand what ministries your money supports! For most churches the bulk of the budget goes to pay the minister’s salary and the mortgage payment on the building if it is not paid for. The rest goes to support the various ministries in the church whether it is for children or seniors adults. Therefore, one Sunday a month or two or three, take a moment just before the worship service and have the leadership explain a particular ministry, introduce someone who is benefited by that ministry so the congregation makes a personal connection with where their money is going and who it truly benefits. When people see the good cause that is being supported, they are more likely to support it, both financially and in terms of volunteering.

* Don’t merely ask for money, get support for a vision! A trusted axiom is this: money follows vision. Where is the church going? What frontiers in the community are you going to blaze into? Where is all this headed? Ask your leadership to clarify the vision of the church. Dollars follow the asking, but checks follow vision!

If you apply these steps, not only will you see almost immediate results to the bottom line of your Church’s finances, but you will find that you have the funds and resources to accomplish what is important to you.

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